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Treatment Application

General Pest Control Treatment

Fooging Treatment_Sentinel Pest.webp

Fogging treatment of the surrounding areas, drainages, sewerage areas, etc. Serve as potential breeding places of flying insects especially mosquitoes will be carried out.

Get Battling Treatment_Sentinel Pest.webp

A  gel baiting treatment will be rendered in all critical areas such as available Surfaces and Surrounding Areas of infestations.

Spraying Treatment_Sentinel Pest.webp

A  spraying treatment for the control of both crawling and flying insects will be rendered in all critical areas such as offices, canteens, kitchens, etc.

MistingTreatment_Sentinel Pest.webp

Misting Treatment  was proved to be the most effective method for the control of flies and mosquitoes in buildings. It does not have a residual action.

Disinfection Treatment

Disinfection Treatment 1_Sentinel Pest.webp
Disinfection Treatment 2_Sentinel Pest.webp
Disinfection Treatment 3_Sentinel Pest.webp
Disinfection Treatment 4_Sentinel Pest.webp

Space Treatment produces micro-droplets of disinfectant and biocides that float in the air that easily penetrate cracks and crevices and other hard to reach areas for disinfection.

Comprehensive Termite  Control Treatment

Comprehensive Termite  Control Treatment 1_Sentinel Pest.webp
Comprehensive Termite  Control Treatment 2_Sentinel Pest.webp
Comprehensive Termite  Control Treatment 3_Sentinel Pest.webp
Comprehensive Termite  Control Treatment 4_Sentinel Pest.webp

Treatment includes soil injection of termiticide solutions on available soil and garden areas, perimeter areas (adjacent lot) plant boxes, trees, etc. in the premises and other structures to provide as possible an impervious and unbroken chemical barrier for protection against attack by subterranean termites.

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